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Socks And Jocks?


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ok all you lucky dads, did you get the usual socks and jocks?

my fathers day got off to a great start.

7 strand wire and decent hooks for a shark session

bag of circle hooks

and a new set of scales to weigh the catch (50lb max)

top it off with breaky being cooked as i type this and the V8's running today with me parked in front of the tv with a few beers, :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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Guest lbgking

You did beter than me!

I got a handcrafted paperweight (rock) from the daughter and a mouthful of abuse from the wife.

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I got a new bench seat cushion for the boat... :yahoo::yahoo:

It's a nice upholstered one that goes on with press studs and the cover zips off. I've just finished fitting it.

I've wanted one for AGES and the Mrs and kids came up trumps for me... Mind you, I left a Bias catalogue laying around for a week with a big circle around it.

Both sets of folks came over for a BBQ lunch and then the boys sat around and talked B.S while the V8's went around.

What a top father's day!!!! :biggrin2::biggrin2::biggrin2:



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G`day Fellas ,

Two Hand Shakes , 5 big Hugs and kisses , followed by cards from the Grandkids , then Two envelopes , which contained the Usual $100.oo twice , then , the Cards from the litle ones , go in the Pirates Treasure Chest , or as I like to call it " The Time Capsule", to be opened some time in the future.


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it only gets better!!!

my darling wife decided that because i work nights and wont see her for more than 5 minutes on my birthday (thursday) to also give me an early birthday.

teaming up with sharky (she supplied the $$ he did the shopping) i now have two of my outfits loaded up with fireline, a couple of new quality lures (1 skirt 1 HB) and bless his soul , sharky heard me telling Teri i wanted a set of scales so without telling her he went and got me a sweet 10kg set :thumbup: thanks mate.

so a fantastic fathers day watching the v8's with a few :beersmile::beersmile: has become an even better day.

watching v8's


and playing with new tackle

now i just need to go fishing :thumbup:

hope all the dads on FR had a great day too

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