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Broken Bay On Sat 2/9/06


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My mate was told that a few reds had been caught recently but only on day break - so up at 4:30 am to be at the ramp at 5 am to be 12 km out off Broken Bay at ~6 am - ready for sun-up. Problem was this small patch of reef is difficult to anchor over due to wind and current effects and 55 m of water. We often drift but at 6 am the westerly was blowing at ~15 Knots.

Managed 1 red, ~1kg then just jackets as we drifted onto sand every time we tried to anchor. For the first 6 drops I lost my hook every time! Eventually got sick of re-rigging so headed in closer. About 1/2 way between Box Head and Terrigal, ~ 1-2 km out.

A few small reds thrown back, a few mowies ~1kg and some good sized sambo's ~2 - 3 kgs.

The sambos were caught on the bottom, were pretty easy to bring to the surface but when they saw the sun they did a power-dive back to the bottom and then fought all the way back up a gain. Had a ball. Just kept 2X at ~3 kg each for Thai fish cakes that night.

AND - I got to sleep in for Father's day!

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