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Ugly Signs In Beautiful Places..

Guest danielinbyron

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Guest danielinbyron

THIS SEEMS TO BE THE MPA'S GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT..Recently i went to the matahorn at cape byron... and had to negotiate my way around a sign at the bottom of the path{CENTER OF NARROW PATH}....i wish i had a picture to show how rediculous the{ can fish here can't fish there} policy is for the cape... same fish different wind or current is the result...this area i'm talking about is accessed by about thirty {a very generous estimate} rock hoppers a year...

The ugly sign that has been put in place is only visible when entering the non sanctuary zone rendering it, as a preventative , pointless..

There is no graffiti in this place , a little broken glass here and there. The occasional washed up sign of human life and whats been thrown over the edge of the tourist walk from the top.. the ledges that are fished are regularly cleaned by those who fish them...And the result of a fishing club from accross the border leaving small dead rays and empty cans on the matahorn was a call from another local searching for there address to mail there rubbish back to them, to the club manager who to his credit , instigated a loss of all points and repremand to guilty parties from club...

In short I/WE take good care of this place... It is umistakably a very special place..regardless of wether the fish are on or not ...It doesn't take a genius or spiritual giant more than half an hour here to realise THIS IS NO PLACE FOR SIGNS.

I have been collecting these guys tourist walk litter for years and disposing of it appropriately....and i have the tools to get rid of this UGLY POINTLESS SIGN....

Its only point really being its obligation in order to issue fines...

ANY SUGGESTIONS WHERE I SHOULD PUT IT. through there window springs to mind..

ps.just to make it clear.... if you were walking to the spurs or the island the only places that are in the sanctuary zone ... there is no way you would see this sign ... they are reserved for the displeasure of people already doing the right thing.....being in the fortunate position of owning next to nothing i'm tempted to blatantly disregard there stupid insane rules and take it up in court if they try and penalise me.

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