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G`day Fellas ,

Providing Those Victorian Boofheads , who incidently have created the greatest Shambles in Living History can get the "NEW" TAB up and Running in the next 30 Minutes or so , our bets for the day are below , if not , we will be taking a System 9 in SAT LOTTO costing $40.oo

Todays Bets as Usual Are in... Melb ..

Parlay.........$5.oo....... Place

5. 17 Bexaar

8. 14 Watchyerback

9. 13 Maxerelle

8. 10X10 Watchyerback

Had some problems working out how to put the Parlay On , so Missed the Ist leg , Race 1 , So HAve Changed The Parlay to the one above .

Who knows , perhaps they may have done us a favour.

Good Luck whatever you are on , if you get on that is.


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Sorry Mick, the site was down when I left for my arvo's socialising. :beersmile:

Hope you had a good day, mine was "break even". :biggrin2:

BTW, if it wasn't for the crappy weather, I would have been casting from the sand with the rellies' this weekend.

Heaps of jews swimmimin' around at the moment. :1fishing1::thumbup:

cheers :beersmile:


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G`day Fellas ,

Heya Paulie ,

It would have been better If we had`nt of bothered either .

Nothing got close in our selections , and I cant blame the wet weather , I love the wet when having a bet !.

The Boy got a few small schoolies the other night with a mate up from sydney for a quick stayover , but as he gave them to his buddy , I did not bother with a report.

Things will take at least a week to settle after all those big waves and winds ,

Just waiting for the wind to settle so I can go for a stroll and dong some of those big whiting that are running at the moment

Just got a trifecta up at WP , race 3 , so that puts me well ahead for the day so far .


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