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Soft Plastics At Night


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Soft plastics work really well at night.

I would stick with the ones that have vibrating tails,

like the shads and wrigglers,as at night the fish

will pick up the vibrations better rather then seeing

the lure and hitting it.You could also use the lumo

soft plastics.These would be good in the really dark

areas and the shads and wrigglers would be good

around the bridges where there is abit of light.

There are many species to catch but the main ones

are jewfish,flathead and bream.

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Guest danielinbyron

softs are the most effective lure at night i think although i have hooked up with poppers and minnows... i have caught jew in no moon in rough water on dark colored storms.... 6 inch and on white ones tsunamis .... v difficult to work out what works best as i'm yet to get on to a hot bight with jew fish....i think that fish see very differently to us and are able to locate prey via silouhette against starlight.... and that when prey gets close they have to be very fast at taking a snap.... i think softs are most effective because how slow you can move them = more time in the water..... i think its also important to try and maintain somewhat reptative patterns of movement with them..

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