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Lake Lyell And Tcd


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I want to plan a trip to Lithgow in the next couple of weeks, and just want to get some feed back on either lake lyell or TCD(i will be going to both). Can anyone suggest which one to stop at first(which one fishes better in the morning, or the after noon.)

Before i go i want to grab a few lures, as i don't have many except for the tassie devils, so what are some good lures that might work well, mostly in TCD because i don't really use lures in lyell.

And lastly does anyone know if lake lyell is open to boats yet, i will pop in the kiosk and ask anyway, as i usualy go to lake lyell for the october long weekend for a camp with the boat.


Dominic :1fishing1:

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Hi Dom,the good lures we have had success with are the no 3 celtas in red and the biggie of them all the fl rapala in 5 cms in the rainbow and brown trout pattern .

The TCD is pretty shallow so no lures that run to deep .

Any of the proven spinners like the celtas and the jensen insects will work as will the smaller tassie devils .

Hope that helps

Cheers Swordfisherman

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thanks for the quick reply guys, just wondering who makes the 'celtas'.

Most tackle shops supply celtas as they are old as the hills and still produce fish after all the years they have been on the market

Cheers Stewy

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