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Putney Friday 15th

Blood Knot

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Hi Raiders -

Had a quick session at Putney on Friday arvo. Fished an hour either side of the high for 5 bream (picture of best 35cm), 1 whiting (about 40cm-pictured) 1 flathead also about 40cm numerous tailor, best of which went about 30cm.

Bream put up a great fight, took solid drag for first 10-15 seconds of fight, hate dead lifting them out of the water by the leader at that size - have lost too many.

Tailor were very thick and active and were hitting the plastic as it landed on the water, became a pain trying to get through them to the bream.

All fish caught on Berkley Gulp 6" Sandworm in Natural - cut to about 4" long (dont like my plastics to far from the hook). Have renewed my faith in these plastics after some pretty average session with them (might have just been me)

Good fishing too all.



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Good session there bloodknot! :thumbup: At least the bream gave u a good run for the money. 4inch... hmm.. what happens to the other 2inch? Don't chuck it! When u cut the other 2inch, wipe dry the joints and use a superglue to join up your double 2inches (lighter burn doesn't seem to work for gulps). Then put it into an empty gulp bag and add some stimulate to moist it up for its next use. :1Lighten: I know I'm cheapskate but hey, gulps don't come cheap man! :1prop:


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