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Luring In Hc 16/9/06


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G'day raiders. Went to HC this mid arvo to do some luring for the run out. The wind was quite strong and so gave HB'ing a go instead. Attached a new SX48 and after couple of cranks later up came a not-so-good-fight 38cm flattie:

post-283-1158412187_thumb.jpg post-283-1158412194_thumb.jpg

Not bad for this expensive lure getting it's first fish after several outings. :wacko: Then came a stupid principle that tells me to change lures after a hookup. Ok, then next up in line was 'goldie'. Walked down the stretch with goldie for quite sometime without a touch. :thumbdown: Then on a particular cast that went quite far out, a few cranks it had a solid knock and I was on. Took a very short drag and that was it, started pulling in this plastic bag and guess what this plastic bag was...?? My HC-pb bream of 38cm:

post-283-1158412665_thumb.jpg post-283-1158412671_thumb.jpg

Maybe they don't like to run much in spring? :tease: Anyway, next lure to climb onboard was 'pinkie'. Moved further along the stretch till I got another 27cm bream on a far cast as well. This fish took in the size 12 treble full on, took some time to free the bugger.


Had tried couple of other HBs but to no avail. Then came sp'ing time. Tied on a watermelon bm and on the 1st cast, got a hookup to my most memorable flattie fight. This 40+cm freak went ballistic, ran my drag for about 4-5secs and not doing only once but around 5-6 times! :thumbup: Definitely earned my respect, could recall my hands were shaking when releasing this bugger. :074: After her release, I casted back into the same spot and it was taken on the drop. The spool went for a good run and that was it, another plastic bag equivalent came in as a 34cm bream:

post-283-1158413321_thumb.jpg post-283-1158413328_thumb.jpg

Caught another flattie on the same spot yet again and 3 consecutive casts yielded 3 fishes, how good is that. Managed a few more small breams and flatties before pulling the plug right after dark. All in all it was a good session, more importantly I encountered a 40+cm freak flattie! :yahoo:



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