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Hen And Chicken Bay 17/09/2006


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Hey all,

Popped down to Hen and Chicken bay this afternoon to fish the high tide. Conditions were good, if a bit windy.

Not long after I started Crystalliser, nzwarriors and their mate (sorry didn't get your name) turned up and proceeded to nail a string of little flatties and bream. Should see those guys fish...if there's anything in the vicinity they'll generally find a way to lure them up!

Anyhow in between watching the guys land their fish I was having all sorts of trouble getting a solid hookup. I'd get positive hits, connect for a moment, then have the fish spit the hook. Thinking it was that I wasn't used to using a threadline outfit, I tried striking harder on the next hit which resulted in a little bream being pulled clear of the water...maybe a bit too hard I guess :1prop:

But somehow I lost this fish too! :1badmood: The next hit also resulted in a flatty spitting the hook. Not sure what is going on there cos I was using brand new gamakatsu jigheads...

As the afternoon wore on things went a little quiet for me...nothing wanted to eat gulp anymore! So after losing my jighead to a snag, I decided on a change of tact and tied on a little SX40.

This finally did the trick. As I worked the lure over the rocks, I felt this 'tap tap' and then a WHAM and I was on :biggrin2: After a bit of a tussle up came a decent sized bream. Was really nervous at this point because I felt a sense of deja vu with a big bream on the end of a 4lb leader. Thankfully this time I had a net and nzwarriors Jeff (sorry Jeff! :biggrin2: )was on hand to use it...cheers mate! :thumbup:

Here's the fish - 42cm to the fork:


After Ronald measured the fish and a few quick happy snaps, this breambo was sent back on its way.

I was happy to call it a day after that!


ps. Crystalliser, nzwarriors, Jeff thanks for your help and great to meet you at last!

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Hey Little Flattie, Nice to meet another raider too bro. A Big Congrats :thumbup: on the thumping 42cm. It put our catches to shame man, and it was really exciting watching it give your gear a workout. By the way It was our trusty mate Jeff who helped you net the fish bro, not me eh.

Anyways Congrats and best of luck on your future catches bro.

see you around :1fishing1: .


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