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Phone And Fish Issues.


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Headed out for an early morning sesh this morning. I initially headed a fair way upstream on the north esk but due the rain last night (first for ages) the river was looking pretty murky so I retreated back to town and fished the lower section. On about my 3rd cast i snagged a favourite lure on the opposite bank. Since I was wearing waders it was no big deal to cross and grab it. Unfortunately the river had risen a bit and was discoloured enough to make seeing the bottom difficult. The upshoot of this is that the front pocket of my waders filled with water flooding my phone in its (supposedly but not in reality) waterproof box. After retrieving my lure and then discovering the phone issue I immediately removed the battery and cards and dried it as best I could and now its just a matter of seeing if it works once completely air dried (probably stuffed though).

On with the fishing. Shortly after this episode I managed to cast the same (now costly) favourite lure into a tree over hanging a deep and fast section where it could not be retrieved, bugger. I continued upstream without seeing any action until I came to a little drain at the mouth of which I hooked a real nice fish of about 6lb which just drifted downstream towards me shaking its head until it threw the hooks at my feet. Not happy... Next cast a much smaller fish momentarily hooked up before it too spat the hooks. After this bit of excitement I continued upstream again seeing very little (ie none) action and berating myself for phone and fishing failures. I'd nearly reached my exit point when it happened again. An even bigger fish, this one a lovely silver sea-runner that I'm sure would have topped 10lb grabbed my lure and again refused to run, just drifting towards me and shaking its head, when it finally moved off, the unthinkable happened and my line parted a bit below the leader knot. At this point I decided stuff it (day off but I did have stuff to do), I'm going to stay for a while and try to redeem something out of this session and spent another 90min looping downstream from my entry point and fishing back up without so much as a touch. Probably should have stayed home but its good to know there are some big fish around even if I can't catch them.



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Guest danielinbyron

Brown trout.

ps. phone survived.


tempted to grab a photo of my phone grave yard after reading that post...... i've reached the age of self acceptance and realised that expensive phones and sunglasses just don't suit me... for long..

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