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Culburra Fires Up


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Hi Raiders, just a quick report from the south coast. Its been a while since my last report but i havent neglected my fishing duties. Just no time to you all know our successes.

In need for a change of scenery the gang decided to give the south coast a whirl. We love the south coast and previous trips were always rewarded. The fact that it now only takes 2 hours to Nowra makes a day trip well worth the effort.

The moment our lures hit the water around Greenwell Point we had success. Admittedly the fish were only flathead, most a smidgen undersize but a good start non the less. As the tide pushed in the clearer water made things a bit tough but we knew if we waited out the tide things would improve as the water murked up again. I'm not a big fan of clear water luring as i belive if i can see the fish, the fish can see me. Giving the main channel at the mouth of the Crookhaven a go was a better option and this proved to be correct with a few nice sambos and a couple greedy tailor to boot. We spun up a stack of undersize lizards here as well and this was proving to be a reoccuring theme for the day.

As the tide turned, the fish started playing the game. We got into some good lizards between 52-58cms in length. Not monsters by any stretch but the best eating size. We dropped some good bream as well off the rock walls in the canal but the gushing tide made light luring quite difficult. By the time the boys decided to pull the pin (to make it home to watch the footy) the fish were really on the job. It was hard to pack up and leave em biting.

Anyway we got a stack of lizards by the end.... i estimate about 55 for the day (we obviously didnt keep them all so dont stress people), a few sambos that lacked the build of the ones we catch up here for equivalent length, a couple marauding tailor and a seal that decided to steal my dads plastic clean off his jig head. I know, i know, i would believe it either if i hadnt of witnessed it for myself. True story.

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:Funny-Post: so whats the bag & size limit on seals?

Sorry mate, but yes it is nice and easy to head to the sth coast nowadays (i make the journey to gerringong) a bit

This sneaky little bastard was well above legal for sure. Something tells me that the 125yards of fireline was never going to be enuf :074::074:

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The Western Suburbs Leagues Club have a fantastic lodge at Cullburah (Orient Point) and the cost is $11 a night + $2 cleaning fees for members of the Leagues Fishing club. It is situated a very short distance to ether ramp in the river or at Orient Point. Always a good time is had even if there is plenty of fish or no fish because there is a free bus service to and from the Bowling Club :beersmile:



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Anyway we got a stack of lizards by the end.... i estimate about 55 for the day (we obviously didnt keep them all so dont stress people

Hi Kevvie,

We went out onSaturday for the same. About 50 odd flatties between 30 and 38 cm and let em all go. I was on the plastics and my mate was on bait. we were off the gerroa end of seven mile beach. Can't wait till they get a bit bigger!


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