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Fish kisser hooks US

US television has picked up another Australian outdoor adventurer's program.

Rex Hunt's Fishing Adventures will debut on US television next month, and will run for six months until May 2007.

Hunt's unorthodox approach to conservation has resulted in his program being successfully broadcast in 160 countries.

His trademark move is to kiss every fish he catches, from 5cm bream to 1-1/2 metre barramundi.

Despite his international popularity and success and 10 years of broadcasting, Hunt has never before broken into the highly competitive US market.

The move will also provide a boost for Australian companies, who will be offered advertising space within the program to gain exposure in the US.

"I'm delighted to have been accepted into the USA with my fishing program after its success in Australia and throughout the UK, Europe and Asia," said Hunt.

"We intend to bring fun and family activities to the American market from Down Under, where we believe we have some of the best fishing in the world and the best conservative approach to fishing through catch, kiss and release."

Hunt's fishing program will be broadcast on America's The Water Channel on the Time Warner networks from October 6.

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Nothing wrong with the bearded burbler in my book. He may heave been in a bit of shit recently but he's still a top fisherman, who's done a lot of good work in the community over the years.

Onya Rexy, go hard son! :thumbup:


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Guest danielinbyron


I agree

not in my immediate community.... if the drunkard teenager that bashed him actually drank i'd buy him a beer... don't be fooled by his ability to stop swearing while the camera is running... the man is a nasty foul mouthed bully..who goes through production staff like a knife through butter as apposed to e.t. who is an absolute gentle man...

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