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Bream & Flathead


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Hi All,

i will be doing quite a bit of lure flicking down the coast over christmas and am after some advice.

What poppers do you guys use? Brand/ Size/ Colours?

Any tips on tecniques like time of day and depth speed of retrieval?

thanks for you help


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Guest danielinbyron

hey kane I use poppers for bigger fish like kingies, trevs tailor jew , i have been through a number of different brands and even made my own , which is not hard and kinda fun..

i now pretty much exclusively use halco , rooster poppers ..because they are the best designed i've seen and they stand up to the most punishment.. basically they makem better than any i've seen .. but i don't think they make those timy bream sized ones..they come in three sizes.. hey maker. rooster my fave and a smaller size...

technique : try to cast past the zone you think may hold fish.. let the lure settle for a moment after landing..

keep your rod tip low and get control of the lure .. use your winding speed and swing or twitch your rod tip to create the desired effect of the lure in the water... you may want it to twitch... speed off like a scared fish or steadily create a little wake or splash... you may want it to stop and start..like a badly injured baitfish..i've watched baitfish getting bashed around and they're not particuloarly graceful when there swimming and jumping out of the water for there lives...

i have never fished for bream or whiting with them .. but i would imagine you'd be looking at very fine line. and otherwise it'd all be the same theory... if you can... match the hatch.... that is look at what the fish your lure is imitating are and how they're behaving and where they are gathered...

hope this helps..

ps you need to be a little more specific about what it is your fishing with and for and from...and i saw some surecatch bream poppers today that looked cute enough to eat...

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