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How Do You Catch Bully (sea) Mullet?


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Hi fishraiders,

I've often seen very large bully mullet in the brackish waters of rivers and estuaries, but never been able to catch them.

They look a good prospect: good average size (often over 1 kg), would fight well, and should be OK on the plate -- the pros catch tons of them when they run up the Central Coast in April each year.

A mate told me they don't take the usual baits that the smaller yellow eye and sand mullet take: bread, pieces of prawn, squirt worm etc. Is that true?

Anybody had success on bullys?



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Bob, I've had a bit of sucess on the bullies. They take dough when they're excited by some particle berley, including some bread. They're sometimes wary, though - so consider using a naturally-coloured float. Mate, if you have any questions, drop me a PM. I normally use a sawn-off champagne cork as a float.


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