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At Least I Know My Knots Are Good


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Sorry no pics this time...

My dad and I were fishing for blackfish off a jetty in Pittwater during the high tide this morning. The action was slow until we berleyed. This produced two nice fish of about 32 and 38cm. The 38cm blackfish is a pb for me.

Anyway...I was being lazy and let the blackfish rod lay on the jetty while I flicked around for some bream or flatties. Had a hit but came off then a bit later hooked what I though was a big flattie as it started just cruising slowly to the left. I yelled, "I'm gonnna need the net," then all hell broke lose as the approx 60cm sambo went flying into the air and then off towards the moorings. I tighened the drag as much as I dared and my 4lb fireline was still screaming of the symetre 2500. The 7ft pflueger flickstick was bent over double for what dad reckons was 15 min as I tried to gain line. The fish made 4 good runs and 3 jumps before it threw the hook 2 meters from the jetty and 6inches from the net. Left me shaking. At least I had a witness.

At least I know my knots are good.


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