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Good Holiday, Bad Timing

Guest johblow

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Well, tomorrow's me last day of work before i bugger off o/s for a month of holidaying. Its going to be a blast, but my timing is terrible with the Swannies in the GF and all. Im planning in tuning in through the ABC net radio thing - plus im going to tape it so i can watch it when i get back.

I think i might be looking forward to the grand final more than the holiday come to think of it...

Will be doing some shopping for fishing gear while im there (im going to Korea, South of course!!!). Im planning on picking up another carbon fibre rod to replace one that i have now broken twice :-( First time i over flexed it when pulling some line off (a bad habbit - dont do that anymore) and after fixing rather successfully i stepped on it in the boat last weekend in the dark... its kaput this time but. Broke a few runners from the tip...

So i now have two rule for fibre rods:

1) when they arent in my hands, they are in the rod holder

2) only fish are allowed to bend them excessively!!!

Cheers - will be keeping an eye out for reports as things hot up during October!!! :beersmile:

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