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Home Made Lure Recipe's

Guest danielinbyron

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Guest danielinbyron

Was thinkin about a friendly comp over summer for best fish for home made lure...If there is enough interest in this post... I was thinking rule wise..

1.lead and terminal tackle ie split rings or swivels, hooks and trace can be store bought.

2.no pre made store bought jig heads..

3. best fish wins ..pic posted, with recipe and co$t..

4. hosts select judges . judges word is final..

any thoughts or input GRATEFULLY recieved...

But i don't really care about comp as much as recipes..so heres a recipe:


1..bit of curtain wire.. nylon coated hollowed steel spring.... crazy clarks $2

trim 2 or three inches

2.Feathers from sowing shop...I use white turkey" shamrock brand" $3.50

pick out feathers of similar size... no need to be exact.

3. cotton string or 4lb mono but for best results ...."used"or discarded braid..

4. electrical tape or gaff


A.push quills against a surface to get ends even..

. B.wrap feathers around curtain wire with a french hook {eye over wires hole}..curtain wire cut to length of 2-3 inches..make sure cut hasn't crushed hole in wire..use pliers.

C. with a simple hitch start to bind feathers and french hook to wire,, you can ad as you go but best to get a good start..hiding hook stem under feathers.

.D. ad feathers to completely surround curt wire.. continue to bind and finish with a simple half hitch{you can also ad a little ribbon into the feathers by folding it in cut to feather length }.

E.After finishing bind pull tight. and wrap bind in electrical tape... this negates any real need for knots just remember to keep bind as tight as you can all the way..i just ad the od hitch in to the bind

F. AD WEIGHT and terminal tackle of your choice.. as tailor love these wire might be a good crack..

fishing {v versatile}... toss and retreive at speed or work like a plastic...troll behind boat as you would a pink squid..

cost= minus terminal tackle $5.50 for 6 lures and your out of feathers with plenty of curtain wire left over so $9 = 12 lure s$12.50 for 18 etc..



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Guest danielinbyron

Hey that's a good looking lure, good thing it works ay?

Good luck in the near future with your competition.

like i said to flattieman... we got those guys at halco quakin in there boots..

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