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Swansea Wednesday 27th


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Hey Dudes :1prop: ,

For the first time in 6 weeks I managed to get out for a fish. Blackmagic aka Nathan picked me up Near Swansea RSL band on at 6am. With the wind blowing around 15 knots W/NW we headed out in search a few Livies a couple of spots only produced a single Slime a few Leatherjackets and dozen or so Mados. Trolled past Moon Island to find the sounder full of bait and in no time had a tank full of Yakkas. A school of small rat kings turned up when we were catching our Livies. Couldn't manage to land one which was a bit frustrating as the only thing that the Kingies were interested in were our bits of scraps baited on size 12 long shanks and 6lb handline :ranting2: .

The wing seemed to drop so we proceeded out to the shelf, Conditions went DEAD!!! We began trolling with a 2 skirts and small yakka and within 20 mins Nathan had his first fish hooked up on his 10kg Ugly stick. Nathan was stoked until the Yellowfin was sharked at boatside :ranting2::thumbdown: . I dived into my tackle box and rigged up my TLD 25 with wire. Threw about 8 pillies on a single hook :1prop: which the small mako scoffed up as soon as he got a glimpse of the bait. A few solid runs and things began looking promising until all of a sudden the line went slack??? :wacko: . Was strange as I had been bitten off about 10metres above the trace. Suspect, those bloody Leatherjackets. :mad3: .

With two lost fish and two pretty ticked of blokes onboard we both decided to make a run for it with the conditions outwide getting very sloppy indeed. As soon as we hit about 10kms out off Swansea all hell broke loose, the Westerly was blowing harder than before which made a very terrifying 10km journey back into land. We eventually made it back into the channel at 4pm after our original plan of 2.

In all, Nathan and his 5 metre Qunnie handled the conditions very well as the day ended up not being a total disaster :1prop:

Cheers Guys


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