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Pic No 3 Of 300....( Stats Updated )


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G`day Fellas ,

After scanning 140 photos out of 300 , and adjusting , contrast , colour , gamma , etc, etc, can you freakin believe it , somehow the whole lot disapeared off my PC while taking a Leak .

So I have begun to do them all again .

Here is another appetiser for the true Believers ,and for those with a Tail fetish .

Not the same fish shown Earlier in the Garage either , for those who may be wondering !.

Ok guys the Fish above weighed 68 Lbs , was taken Near Charlotte Heads , and took a Live Slimey , sometime around 2000.


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Guest danielinbyron

Just wondering what you do with the heads??

Do ya keep the jewels??

I like to slap the head on the barby and eat the cheeks.. when i can..

But it gets messy getting them out..

.A chef friend showed me a neat trick.. a few weeks ago.

when he finishes filleting a fish, he gets a table spoon and runs it over the spine and digs out what he can

from the jaw and skull.. the meat that comes off the spine is the sweetest..He throws that into fish cakes or uses it as a kind of stocky base for curries..

ps showed my mate who fishes cape with me photo of you 2 jew and pushbike... he replied

"nice fishES and a cooshy ride home"

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G`day Fellas ,

Daniel , somewhere On here I posted some close up Pics of Jewfish Jewels , I will try and find them tomorrow , but I seem to recall I had to delete a ot of Older Pics when My Limit Ran Out , which I will have to do again soon

if I keep posting Morleys pics.

If you read the story that accompanied the photo of the fish my son Mick won the Monthly prize for , you will understand , just what it takes to hook , play, and finaly land a 50 plus pounder , then slide it into your back pack , with all your tackle , and then leg it 3 kilms back home in the middle of winter .

Balls Of Steel Man.... Balls Of Steel ! .


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