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Sp's @ Cooks River Cantebury


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decided to go for a quick session at the newly discovered Cooks River at cantebury (a bit down from the ice rink) anywayz found a nice footbridge. At first i thought it was just my eyes but there was ALOT of surface activities of breams, flatties and yakkas all over the place schools of them swimming on the surface i can see them so i used SPs on them but it didnt work for some reason. Maybe it was my retrieve technique was wrong or sumfin. Yeh then after that ALOT of fishes was jumping out of the water for no reason but it was such a great view, i neva see anything like this. A guy next to me was bait fishing and caught like 1 metre long eel or sumfin. It was GREEN! :wacko: yuck.

Too bad that the wind had to blow from the south cuz the activities was in front of me and cant cast. Will be going back there soon since its so close to station.



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All the good Bream, flattie and luderick possy's have been blocked off with that stupid fence. The footbridge is really shallow and only fires in the peak of summer.

The little canal closer towards campsie between this footbridge and the canterbury rd road bridge was most productive when i used to fish it. The mullet are allways going nuts in there too.

Havent fished the river since they put the fence up a couple of years ago, prior to that there was not much I didnt catch in there.


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