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North Head Tuesday


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Hello Fellow Raiders

Just a quick rundown on my first trip out since May.

Left Tunks Park ramp at about 4:45am. Trolled around North Head then up towards Manly. A few Salmon schools but didn't see anyone actually land any. We eventually got one trolling a Mackeral coloured Tilson Barra. My mates first Salmon. Pretty quiet after that except for two big slimy mackeral that didn't even seem to put a bend in the rod. Salmon released, slimies kept for bait.

Then came back into the harbour next to a marker buoy for some edible fish. 4 nice leather jackets swarms of small red bream and an trevally given an accidental release that would make the three stooges look intelligent and sensible.

The breeze dropped so we decided to try some jigging at northerners. I didn't feel confident with what I was doing and got tired (reel tired) pretty quickly. So my mate Dave has a try, says he can't get the hang of it then hooks up. Don't you hate it!! Something hard to stop dives fore the bottom, Drag gets tightenned more, fish kept diving and taking more 50lb braid. During the fun/panic/confusion the line goes limp then comes back in with snap swivel (rated at 70lb) but no jig. Not quite sure what happenned there but don't think I'' be using snaps for jigging any more. The snap was still in good condition just undone. Hmmm!!

One lost 200g raider with extra hooks and pink squid etc gone! But 2 good "one that got away" stories.

I'll be back soon after some better preparation.


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