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Botany Bay Last Monday


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hey there fellow :1fishing1:

i went out last monday onto botany bay , meet up with a few friends at oatley boat ramp with there boat at 6.30am

headed out in to the bay and out to the heads where i picked up a flattie which was 56cms then we headed out side and tried around there not much going on and my mates boat had nothing in it not even a bite,

came back in side and tried around the sticks and picked up another flattie of about 50cms,

after a while nothing was happening so we took off up the river to the como railway bridge and got heaps of undersize bream but nothing keepable, but we had fun watching all the silly people on the water who didnt know what side of the chanel markers to go on and all the near head on's,

meet up with my mates back at the ramp and they only caught undersize breams and flatties so they went home empty handed,

i went home with 2.7 kilos of flattie,,

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