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Soon, But Not Soon Enough


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Hi All

With a few months of research, some great input from these forums (thanks guys) and a few weeks of sweet talking th e missus we were off to Lemon Tree Passage last night to order the new boat. :happy:

I ended up deciding on a 4.3 TR series Elegant boat with a 50hp 4st Merc with hydraulic steering under the prevision that the missus gets to pick the colour. I might end up with a lovely pastel pink boat yet :confusuion:

There are 2 others with their orders in before me so I am looking at 12 weeks delivery. Its going to be tough but well worth the wait. All going well it will be here well and truly before Port Macquarie Bream event. :grogon:

I’m a little bit excited. 12 weeks and counting. :nana:

Here’s a some photos of what was in the work shop last night.

One Raffi is just about finished


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Great news Jethro, i know how excited you must be :P

Looks like a very nice unit, just love those overhung chunky chines, i don''t know why other boat builders dont use them :confusuion:

My poly has them and it makes a big difference to stability, cornering and when your punching into the chop...

You should be a happy man when its delivered, best of luck with it.

So have you planned when your going to visit the racks with the lovely paint job :yikes: :yikes:


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:clap1: :taz: :thumbsup:

Excited is an understatment.

A couple of weeks of training on the electric and then off to the racks :-rod to donate a few lures these blue noses that I have heard so much about :fisho:

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Thanks guys. I am very happy with my decision. Its just teh wait is going to kill me :confusuion:

Ankles - I had tought about taking it outside on its day but I dont think my little Vectra will like Norah boat ramp. Might have to be Terrigal or Swansea for me

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