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Help Needed.

Guest rzep

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A friend has just contacted me regarding a motor for his boat as his current one has seen its last days.

He is after a 140hp in 2 stroke either new or second hand.

As he lives in Canberra he is very limited to where he can get one so he has asked me to organise one for him.

Either new or second hand he dosen't mind which as long as the 2nd hand one is in top nick.

No real preferances for brand but I have told him to steer clear from Tohatsu.

I would just like some advice as to what would be a good motor and also as to where I would be able to start looking.

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There has been a lot of talk about the new Evinrude E-TEC series of engines. If I had the money , this would be the engine that I would purchase. Yamaha , Honda , Mercury all make very good engines , and anyone that owns one will probably give you a good rap on them. Stumpy has two beautiful Mercs on his boat , have a word with him .


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Thanks for the reply Ross,

I saw the twin Merc's on stumpy's boat yesterday.

I will send him a pm in regards to them.

I want to try and gather as much info as I can so I can get the right set up for my mate.

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From the way he is talking it sounds like he dosen't mind how much he spends as long as he gets something that goes well and is reliable.

He stated to me that he will go either new or second hand. He has no preference for either.

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Mate I know Tohatsu have been given a bum rap but I would not discount them totally there are thousands of happy customers out there with their tohatsu and I'm one of them and I'd buy one again no probs. You can get lemons from every make and brand and they don't always come to the party when something happens!!


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