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Burrendong Dam


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I just spent a lovely saturday on burrendong Dam near wellington and even though the dam is down to 20 % the big ramp is still in water and there are parts of the dam with still 80 ft of water.

That being said if they dont get big rains soon the dam will be down to 10% and it will dry up very quickly as they need to let the water out for people down stream.

We were trolling Mcgrath minnows down towards the Cudegong River and the first fish of the day was a 2.5 kilo carp. It certainly went. This was the second large carp that I have seen caught on a lure and this isnt good in that if they are taking lures then they are taking fish for feed when they get larger.

This may also explain why the redfin are not as prolific as in the past in Burrendong dam. We only got one redfin of about a kilo where is in the past you would get cricket scores of them and the redfin could be caught just about anywhere.

Other boats were not catching much and another boat told us that they have also caught carp on large stumpjumper lures.

Overall it was a great day out.

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Barry and Tiger

You are spot on, the carp was thrown up on the bank of the dam after having its Gills were cut.

Greenies would be offended noting that a fish was slit up and disposed of in this manner.

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