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Middle And North Harbour 8/10


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Launched at Roseville and headed to Pearl Bay to fish the 30 plus metre hole. We dropped a couple of live yellowtail down but had no action on the livies. Landed one nice snapper of about 1kg on a strip bait.

Headed out to washaway for a drift but again nothing much over the next hour. The leatheries moved in and we moved on to Dobroyd for little action again. Decided to head over to quarantine area as a few boats there. Again nothin for the next hour or so except Maritime doing safety checks on all of us. All of the other boats had moved on except for us and the wind was picking up. At this point the fish come on the bite for the next hour and we landed flounder, Trevaly, flattiex1 and a heap of jumbo sized yellowtail that were swarming about two metres down under the boat. Also got a monster sized slimy. By this stage wind was looking a bit punishing so headed back to Roseville. Hot and windy day and glad we were off the water before the wind got too bad.

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