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Early Rise @ Fig Tree Bridge

Bream Mad

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Hi Raiders,

Tried an early session before work at fig tree on the low tide. The middle pylon was in reach so focussed my attention there as the tide finished it's way out. Started with a watermelon BM on a 1/16 jig and cast right into the wake behind the first pylon. A few casts in and i had my first hit but hooks pulled :thumbdown: Kept at that spot and after a big twitch of the lure I came up seriously tight!! :1yikes: The fish fought deep with plenty of headshakes and after a long tussle with a heavy drag i just could not get him clear of the pylon :mad3: Just when i started to make progress he decided to head for home and there was nothing i could do to stop him :( round the pylon he went and pop went my leader :ranting2: Surely his luck will run out soon :074:

Undetered I rerigged another BM and was soon into a nice bream :biggrin2:


Then to end the session a flatty came to hand from the same pylon :thumbup:

All in all a good morning except for the bloody rowers that kept hassling me about fishing

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