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My Trip To Yamba


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Further to some earlier assistance from members I ventured to Yamba for the last week of the school holidays.

With the :wife: and 4x kids on board it made fishing time a little difficult and thus I got out every morning 5am till 8am ish.

Tried throwing numerous Gulp minnows + Fry + Sandworms, Squidgies and Bass Minnows around rotating between Whiting Beach, Oyster Channel & Palmers Island.

Landed a mixed bag of small flatties (just legal) 1x 30cm Bream, small Whiting and 1x 35cm ish Green back toothy fish species that I am yet to identify.

Had my chance on the second morning off the rocks at the Oyster Channel to land my second Jew on SP's when a 4 or so minute wrestle with what I would call a 6-8kG Jew took a Gary Glitter Squidgie on a 1/8th Jig Head and after a few runs into the open (away from Bridge Pylons) it turned towards the bridge and the ping was heard close to the ending stages of the battle.

Didnt help when I retirned 2 mornings later and fished the other side of the bridge only to see a SP fisho turn up in his boat and work the same pylons landing a 99cm (estimated at 9kG) Jew on a Wriggle Tail lure.

Tries to tee up a morning session with a guide to catch and release some large female flathead that had been around in the more secret locations but the guide has TV commitments with Brisbane and my availability was limited in the last days of my trip.

Still a great place and I hope to get back and fish the rockwalls and hire a boat and head up the Clarence to find some more spots that I am told are very productive.

Anyway that is fishing and we live and learn from our mistakes.

PS - Back home and looking to hit a couple of local spots - any updates as to the fishing scene locally ie. Parra River Land Based.

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Good to hear you got a few fish mate. Bad luck about the jewie.

Anyway that is fishing and we live and learn from our mistakes.

That's definately the way to look at it. Armed with the knowledge you have of the place after the first trip, you'll be able to refine your approach, and maximise your opportunities for the next trip. I have a similar relationship with Coffs Harbour. We go there quite a bit to visit relo's, and it's taken me quite a while to pick up on the best spots (and still learning).


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Thanks for the reply and comments.

I have a pic of the odd fish on the phone and will try and get it uploaded to PC (unfortuantely no Bluetooth or Infared on PC).

I agree, the next trip will be a good chance to further investigate and refine the fishing spots.

As has been stated many times a bad days fishin beats a good day workin.

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