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Wollongong 13/10/06


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Abit of a late report as I had computer problems.

Managed a day of on friday so dad and I went down to Wollongong for a fish.The day looked good with only a slight NE blowing and a calm sea.We headed for a deep reef to try abit of bottom fishing.We found a current line at about the 80m mark so we trolled up and down for awhile and then to the bottom fishing spot,but didn't get a hit.There was a strong current so the boat was kept in gear till the baits hit the bottom. The fishing was hard due to the current,but we still managed a pan sized snapper,a long finned sea pearch and an ocean pearch.There were so many baby ocean pearch,but we only kept one larger one for the pan.

Tried afew drifts with a jig but didn't get any hits.We then moved in closer to Wollongong reef and anchored up.The current was still strong.There were heaps of wrasse and other little bottom fish,but we got a better jacket and some nannygai.We then went to give the islands a go.The water was very dirty and there were lots of birds sitting on the water.Livies were set out and we fished the bottom but didn't get any good hits.I then noticed the birds starting to work.We went over and cast metals into the mess of birds and splashing fish and got instant hookups.After great fights on light line two small kings were boated and then released.

We continued casting to the fish and had a ball with heaps of bonito and some large slimies.Kept afew bonito for the table and a couple for future snapper sessions.The fish were feeding on mini pilchards about 2cm long,but they wern't fussy as they were hitting different sized lures because we had to use larger metal lures due to the wind picking up.All up it was a great day on the water(especially the spin session at the end) and was way better then being at work.

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