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Guest Sea Jay

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Guest Sea Jay

I am heading down to Ulladulla next week and i was wondering if anyones has fished there recently, and just wanted to get a heads up on the action down there.

I was hoping for some kings, so was wondering if anyone has heard any reports of them being around down there.

Any info would be greatly appriciated

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Not sure of any recent action,but I holiday down there

abit and for kings you can't go wrong at kingfish ground if the

current isn't to strong.There would also be smaller kings on the troll in close to the reef

under the lighthouse.You could also troll or livebait around the

bombora just outside the harbour or the one to the south of Ulladulla

infront of burrill lake.

Some good snapper should be around also on plastics and on baits fished

in a burley trail.

Hope that helps and good luck.

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