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post-144-1163408172_thumb.jpgHaving recently spent two days polishing and waxing my boat, I got up one morning to find the plastic tarp I use to cover the top decks of the boat had torn after only a year’s use. I also have a storm cover, however it only covers the cockpit.

Thought some other fishraiders may benefit from an economical solution

My problem was bird droppings, leaf stains and general dirt and keeping the harsh sun off the fibreglass etc. I always like to keep my boats in good condition and if they are too big for the garage then cover them up.

On the weekend I found a solution for $199 at *****. A caravan cover which is 22ft long. Now my whole boat is quickly and easily covered and because the cover is large enough there are not tight rub points to cause a tear. There are 3 sizes available and I bought the biggest to play safe. Far cheaper than a custom made cover I was considering.

Now the whole boat is covered including sides and trailer to ground level.

I hope my solution helps.

Here’s the boat it covers in total all the way to the ground (5.5m long). I will post a pic with the cover on in the next day or so




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Thought I might let you all know my own experience. I have spent many hours on my own 4.55m tinnie forward steer (post pics at later date). I have repainted, redone all electrics, new outboard, cut new floor, new carpet seats etc etc. This has taken some time and lots of love and care. I initially covered it with a cheap $40 cover that lasted about six months before falling apart. My next option was to go more expensive so for about $340 I purchased a great looking cover with plenty of straps. This has lasted about 12months but is starting to show signs of wear. It now has a small tear in it and I'll be buggered where it came from? The harsh sun of FNQ is taking its toll again so it seems. I am returning to Sydney soon and hoping to get a custom cover made although I admit I have no idea of cost. But to protect the "Little Prince" it would probably be worth it.

Cheers Flea

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Hi Flea,

The one I have came with the boat (AllyCraft 5.40) when I bought it. I was told by the previous owner it cost $1500.

It fits like a glove and has all the the right bits in the right places, it is a pleasure to put on.

Here she is.


I can find out who made it if you are interested, who ever it was did a sensational job..



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