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Middle Harbour 20th


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Launched at Tunks after work keen to tackle something large (jew king or massive flathead, I'm not picky) but as usual stuffed around with the Breamskis for to long, and darkness fell cutting down my options. Fished any where lights were illuminating the water with things turning out to be very patchy. Most spots were quiet but two fired up with one small jetty light proving popular with 3 legal flatties. This is the first time this technique has worked for me after reading articles by Jamie Robley it was a good goal to achieve. No pics in any of theese reports as I am that keen on just fishing at the moment after a bit of a lay off. Cheers Dave

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good stuff Gibbo

you been chalking up some hours fishing. the bigguns will come sooner or later.

What kind of boat do you have?

Thanks for the encouragement Kantong, I even managed a quick sesh this afternoon on the Nepean. Not much happened with only three little bass caught on the good ship Stessl Bass Boss.

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