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The Yellowfin Are Still Out There( And The Blackfish Too)

Ross Hunter

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Glenn Hunter had a great day last week catching four tuna to 40kg prior to that he trolled up a fish in 150 fathoms and the cubed another three. I have been watching the oceanic patterns and the water has broken up a bit, so wether they will be there next trip is any bodies guess. I dropped a striped marlin and caught two fin last trip. It will not be long until the billfish are worth fishing for. We normally catch a few from now on. Pt Stephens is already hotting up with some good stripes caught in the past few weeks up there

Last year we tagged 160 marlin in February between our boats Billfisher and Broadbill only to see the currents run hard southwards and heat to 27 degrees flushing every marlin away to the south for a few weeks untill it cooled down again in April.

Those stripes do not like that aweful bathwater, so let's hope we get the 22 to 24 degree currents and the action will stay with us all season in '07 at Pt Stephens

The hardest thing at the moment for us all is to go fishing in amongst the gale forced winds....surely they will settle soon.

Have just come back from a week at North Haven, blackfishing with the good old mates.

Read web site www.gamefishingcharters.com.au for update. Saves writing it again .

Lots of blackfish, flatties and good times Isn't that how it's supposed to be!

Ross Hunter (gamefisher)

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