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Wenty Falls Lake Depth?

Steve Mc

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Hi guys I have spoken to plenty of locals who have lived here for many years and the general concencus is the lake has a maximum depth of around 20 to 25ft. Casting 7g tassie devils as far as possible from the shore(about 40 t0 50m) the lures freefall for about 10 secs before hitting bottom so 20ft sounds about right. I am getting a sounder for my canoe soon so will have some more accurate info shortly. Another fishraider Hooky used to live in the area and could have some more info. hope this helps cheers troutboy :1fishing1:

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I think it is about 3 metres at it's deepest point may go to 4 metres if it's lucky.

Back in the days when you were allowed to swim in it, I think I touched bottom in most areas without any dramas.

Troutboy, it would be good to get some feedback off re the depth, you when you get a sounder for your canoe. :biggrin2:

cheers :beersmile:


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