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Putting Illegally Caught Fish To Good Use


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Putting illegally caught fish to good use

For two decades New London's community meal center has been run with the help of volunteers and on donations.

So when the state's conservation police arrested two men for illegally fishing, folks here were happy to accept their illegal catch and make it the soup kitchen's catch of the day.

S. Rose Baranowski says,"I think it's wonderful. It's better than wasting it."

In all, 23 bluefish and 26 striped bass arrived on ice.

The DEP police did not just drop off the fish whole, they actually took the time to fillet the nearly one hundred pounds of it.

Now the fish will be cooked up for a much anticipated meal.

Baranowski says,"I love fish anyways, so I'm gonna be here."

And so will Charlie Duffy. He and his wife volunteer here each week.

Duffy says,"We don't usually get striped bass here for diner. This is fish that would cost, I know we were talking earlier, six or eight bucks a pound."

So it is quite a catch...

Kris Merritt says,"They're putting it to a good use and people who can't afford to eat are going to have something nice for themselves tonight."

A true Monday night special.

Duffy says,"You just help people immensely and I'll tell ya the feelings that you get because of it are just not quantifiable."

For Duffy this fish is food for the soul.

New London's community meal center is celebrating 20 years of service.

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