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Fines Increased For Illegal Fishing (south Aust.)


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Fines increased for illegal fishing

FINES for illegal fishing in South Australia will double to a maximum of $120,000 under new laws introduced into state parliament.

Fisheries Minister Rory McEwen said the rise reflected the increased value of SA's fish resources and would act as a deterrent to organised crime.

"The bill addressed the current imbalance between the penalties and the economic impact and damage to fish stocks caused by illegal fishing activities," Mr McEwen said.

"There's also a new offence of trafficking priority species, such as abalone and rock lobster, which aims to combat organised criminal activity."

The new laws also allow for a system of demerit points for persistent offenders.

An individual who reaches 200 points over a five-year period would be disqualified from holding any fishing permit for 10 years.

South Australia's 320,000 recreational fishers also face new bag limits which will be set after a period of further public consultation.

Mr McEwen said the new limits would reduce the level of illegal fishing and sales as well as allow fish resources to be more evenly shared within the recreational sector.

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