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My First Bream On Sp!


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G,day Raiders.

Last Sunday afternoon 21/10/06, after work I was lucky enough to take home from work one of the new Hobie peddle powered kayaks we now sell at the store that I work, appropriately called the outback fish these kayaks are the bees knees of hands free kayak fishing as you are propelled by two peddle powered flippers on the underside of the kayak, and comes fully fitted with 4 fixed rod holders 1 mounted adjustable rod holder to suit either thread line or fly reel for an extra couple of dollars, and has plenty of stowage space.

Well enough about the boat, upon getting down to Mullet Creek at Beach Park I started flicking small 50ml squidgie wrigglers in chartreuse for a couple of smallish hits but no solid strikes. So hear was I thinking its going to be another fishless adventure, "But hey I'm still out there enjoying myself, right". After working my way around to the weir I got my first hook up which felt like a decent fish only to have it spit the hook not long after, the time is now a quarter to six and all these fly fishos turn up and I'm completely surrounded by fly fishers with their lines going this way and that, I can tell you I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable I’ve seen some of those nasty photos of guys with fly hooks in their eyes and did not want to become another statistic so I kind of ventured away from my current position and started to head back to my car. But on the way back to the car and the light fading quite quickly now I peddle past the new rock wall that they have built adjacent to the golf club and notice one log sticking up out of the water that I had not noticed earlier.

So I slowly approach the log and flick a 50ml squidgie wriggler in blood worm just over the log on the near side of the rock wall, let it sink for a bit then twitch, twitch take a bit of line then twitch, twitch, then this is the point I lose my virginity, smack the little squidgie gets absolutely smashed. The fight is on in earnest then not to long after I land my first bream on SP and I'm proud to say it went 35cm to the fork, not bad. "if only sex was as good" and here it is


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Thanks Flattieman.

It was a great fish, and I will be honest I have caught some big bream of the stones on baits that did not give as good account of themselves as this one did.

They sure do pull hard on light gear.

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Guest IFishSick.

Top stuff, I've seen a couple of guy's on those kayak's out at Molineaux Point midweek. They look great for fishing. I'll have to get one for my first boat.

Top Stuff :clapping::clapping::biggrinthumb:

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Thanks guys.

This is the sort of encouragement that is really quite sadly lacking on some of the other sites I tend to visit. It is realy sad when you get all chuffed about getting a decent fish or have a pretty good day, to have some one take the piss out of you or call you a liar or generally have a negative input.

Congrats to all of you. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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