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Putney Breamin

Blood Knot

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Hi - Raiders

Had a quick session at Putney this afternoon (2.00 till 4.00). Also had a go there on Saturday but with the wind howling through I had to abandon :ranting2: . Anyway pleased to report still some good Bream around today. Caught 3 Bream & couple of mid size flatties.

1st cast on to a nice Bream 38cm (got to love it when that happens), took another hour before getting the next one (37cm model) took off like a bloody rocket, after 3 other shorter runs he's buggered. Managed a comfort lift out, couple of pics and back into the water. :thumbup:

Last bream about 36cm and nearly as much fun as the second one. Cant wait to get back and do it again


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Bream pic from Sunday session :

(yeh Iknow everyones seen a Bream before)


Forgot to mention caught all 3 on GULP 3" Craw in Pumpkin seed. There little legs get bitten off real quick by nuiscance fish but the Bream dont seem to have any issues with picking on amputees.


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I'll have to give SP's a go one of these days.

Where abouts in Putney did you go? shore or boat?



1975 -

Fishing land based around Putney from Kissing Point to Raven Point, wherever there is reasonble access to the water.

PM me your name / number If you decide to get into the placcies, happy to fish with company.


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