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Wisemens Ferry - Fri 27th


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Hey Raiders

Made the trip out to Wiseman’s Ferry on Friday to try and hide from the forecasted off shore wind (didn't work :mad3: ).

It was my old man, myself and a friend that made the trip with big plans to try and get a feed of flathead for dinner. After a bit of an explorer heading down towards Spencer we picked a spot about an hour before the high.

All three rods were casted out and the sunscreen went on, 5 mins later one of the rods gets a massive hit and then nothing. The bait was checked and surprise surprise no hook!!! All was quiet for the next hour, however when the tide started to turn the wind started to bite and so did the FISH!! :yahoo:

For the next hour and a half it was soapie central, triple hook ups were regular and the bait was going quick. We were having a great time, but the wind was making it hard work.

In the end we boated and released just over half a dozen soapies ranging from 40cm to 50cm and dropped twice as many.

All in all a great day on the water and I must say soapies on light gear are awesome.

When the actioned slowed down a bit we got time to take a pic.




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G`day Fellas ,

Those little Buggers will be in Plague proportions up around that area from now till the end of January early feb.

The trick to getting the larger Schoolies is to seek out the deep holes , and for the Larger Fish , one must use larger baits that the little ones cant swallow .

Good fun for the Junior anglesr though , but when you have Schooling Soapies , you also have a stack of Catfish as well , and thats where you have to be on your guard .

Steve never mentioned the catties though , so maybe they are running late this year .

Another weird thing that happens around this time of year is , huge swarms of Jelly fish seem to appear out of nowhere , and one can get severely stung when pulling up he Anchor .


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