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State Government Gives Up The Fight Against Caulerpa Weed

Guest Aron

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bunch of slackers, its too hard and too exspensive so we give up! pity they dont feel the same way when they give themseves a big pay rise.

one drastic alternative would be a barren earth aproach, rip everything out and then re-plant the natives, it will devistate the short term ecology but its got to be better in the long run than having that crap infest our waterways.

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Does anyone know where the weed came from in the first place?

It was from an experiment involving UV light at a zoo in Monaco - it was accidentally released into the Mediterranean whilst a tank was being cleaned. Here's a link to more discussion on the Caulerpa topic:


Here's a couple of quite frightening facts about Caulerpa taxifolia that I've come across:

- One single "leaf" can, once broken off, create a new outbreak.

- Caulerpa can be dried for up to a month and still be potent.


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I thought you were joking about the escape from Monaco bit.

Afraid not, mate... :1yikes: Sounds very science-fiction, though - UV mutant weed (yes - it's been referred to as a mutant many times) escapes from a zoo in Monaco, finds its way to Australian shores and smothers anything in its path... Actually, that's very similar to what's happened! :thumbdown:


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