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Hen And Chicken Bay

Bream Mad

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Hi Raiders,

Alright i have now had two donut sessions in a row :thumbdown: and i need a breamski pronto :074:

Tommorow i have got a few hours after lunch between lectures so it is time to give the famous H&C a go on the rising tide .

So raiders can you help me on where to start fishing as i am a H&C virgin.

I don't need to know all your best spots, just a reliable spot full of 30 ish bream would be nice :biggrin2:



ps. anyone know where i can get watermelon BM's from, does Otto have them in stock

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Hey mate

from my limited experience at H.C I think it's just a matter of trying any spot that you think will hold fish

if after 20 or so casts nothing happens then move on gradualy working your way round

thats what JewHunter and I did on sunday and the same agian on monday with esratew

hope it helps


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