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Woronora River 29/10


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Hi all,

Put the boat in at Oatley around 6.00am and headed around to woronora river. It was to be my fisr day using soft plastics. Went and bought a new rod, reel, braid and some plastics on saturday. Headed up the river a little bit. Started drifting along and was using a green Berkely Gulp. Had a few nibbles then bang I got a hit and had my first fish on Sp's. Was a small flathead so threw him back. Stayed there for a few hours after the tide change and ended up getting 6 keeper flatheads biggest being 45cm and the rest being around the 35 mark. Fish went off the bite so headed around and tried at Oatley point but no luck there so called it a day.

All I can say is I dont think ill be going back to baits for a while. Was so much fun :thumbup: using Sp's. Im at work at the moment so ill post the pics when I get home.....

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still better then me..i was out from 7am-4pm and got nothing but small pinkys..

i tried the entrance of Woronora, but didn't get nothing..

How far up the river do you fish? is it near the mangroves or shore?

I went up a fair way was fishing near mangroves.

Gulp is a berkely soft plastic, looks like a little worm or grub. I tried a berkley power mintow in a yellow colour but didnt get anything with them. Funny thing was i didnt catch anything else but Flatties with the gulp. My mate that was with me got a nice size flounder with a gulp as well.

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