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Clifton Gardens 31.10.06

Guest Aron

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After a stressful day at work i needed to spend some time alone to unwind. So at 7:00pm i left home armed with 2 rods and a packet of prawns.

The plan was to get some yakkas to stock my fish tank in readyness for my next offshore trip.

Arived at Clifton Gardens at 7:45pm - this is the first time i have fished this location so i was not to sure what to expect.

I got a burley trail of old bread and tuna oil going and rig a size 10 hook and split shot sinker on one of the rod with 8lb line.

Just as i land the first yakka a couple of scuba divers appear below lighting the whole area up under the jetty - scaring off all the yakkas :mad3::mad3::mad3: - they remained down there for about 1 hour before they left.

Meanwhile as i wait for them to depart i rig up the livie on the other rod and send it out hopping to hook something big.

I then focused back on catching more yakkas, landed 3 more when the other rod starts screaming zzzzz. I grab the rod and strike, it was at this point i wished i had brought the net :thumbdown:, in the end it didn't matter as i was busted off - better luck next time.

Finished at 9:30pm with 8 yakkas in the bucket

Great night with a slight southerly breeze - relaxing end to a stressful day

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Clifton gardens meant to be one of the best night time sydney harbour dives. Apparently there is a colony of seas horses that are really worth seeing and a tone of nocturnal species. Probably an awful lot of tackle on the bottom too.

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I wonder what the heck they were doin there at night.

Mate all i know was that they use very powerful lights - it was lit up like christmas underneath the jetty - they were taking photos down there with strong flashes ever so often.

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