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385 Explorer In Spencer Gulf


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Hi There

I have a Quintrex 385 Explorer that I use in the rivers and lakes around Menindee, Inland NSW. We are planing a trip to Port Pirie on the Spencer Gulf in a fortnight and figured we might as well take my boat.

I have only ever fished freshwater and I am a bit concerned that my boat may be too small, all I want to do is cruise around the sand flats and chace some crabs, so I wont be far from shore an any point in time. Any views on what you guys think would be much appreciated along with any experience you guys can pass down from small boats in the sea.

I am eager for replies



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Guest IFishSick.

I don't think you will have to worry. As long as there is no more than 2m swell and your boat is 100% reliable you should be okay.

Remember to take your phone with you.


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