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Strike Vision Downriggers


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although , I already have scotty downriggers, I was wondering what do people think of the walker strike vision dwonrigger, the one with the underwater camera..... just curious to know if anyone here knows where they are sold,,,here or overseas?

Also, do you have an advantage by using this , ahead of a manual downriggers?

cheers kilp

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THe strike vision is OK but it is a pain trying to get your bait in the zone for the camera to pick up. They need to refine it a LOT more before it is viable in my humble opinion. The cable for instance is TOO thick and hums like crazy and the angle on the camera is too narrow. ALso they need to give you a decent screen that you can view in daylight for it to work.

But it does show fish and other things. An electric downrigger is great but prone to more breakages with electrical contacts fizzling. You can buy underwater video cameras for far cheaper than the strike vision and use that if you are desperate to see the fish. I like the sound of a howling reel myself!!Cheers Kelvin

P.S they are available here in oz by the distributor.

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