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Great Shadecloth For Great Barrier Reef


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First we had the story of water sprays on the Great Barrier Reef to lower the water temparature, to protect the coral.

Now we have another hair-brained idea to cover vast areas of the Reef with Shadecloth. :074:

What will they suggest next? Umbrellas??? Perhaps millions of Fishraider hats???.



Great shadecloth for Great Barrier Reef

Vast areas of shadecloth could soon cover parts the Great Barrier Reef to prevent the future bleaching of coral.

The shadecloth is one option being developing by marine researchers in Queensland, who say the cloth would be held in place by floating pontoons.

Another option to protect important areas of coral is to spray the water's surface, breaking the surface tension of the water thus increasing the protection of the coral beneath from the sun.

Tourism Minister Fran Bailey has welcomed the shadecloth idea today, saying it would help protect some of the most vulnerable areas of the reef.

"We're very concerned because this is a $5.8 billion tourist industry on the reef employing 33,000 people," Ms Bailey told ABC Radio today.

"So, obviously, we're tackling this issue from both ends - the cause of the problem and also trying to find very practical ways where we can mitigate the problem."

Opposition environment spokesman Anthony Albanese said the idea was absurd.

"There are 2,900 reefs altogether. They go for 2,300 km down the Queensland coast and cover an area larger than the UK and Ireland combined, so that's a lot of shadecloth," he told ABC radio.

Mr Albanese said the federal government needs to employ a climate change strategy, and stop looking at quick fixes.

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