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Blue Lobster On Display In Portland


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Blue Lobster On Display In Portland

A blue lobsters is a one-in-a million catch. And now, one Portland fish shops can boast having its second blue lobster in two years.

The blue lobster was caught by a local fisherman and sold to Free Range Fish and Seafood on Commercial Street. Owner Joe Ray says he received the off-color crustacean last week.

Ray says the lobster will spend some time in the shop, so customers can seem him before he's shipped off to an aquarium for research.

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute says blue lobsters are a rare find. But not the most unique of the species. In August, a Rockland man hauled in a yellow lobster, and in July, a Bar Harbor lobsterman trapped a half green-half red lobster. The odds of catching a half-and-half lobster are one in 50 million.

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Here's some pics of the critters:




Very interesting phenomenon, eh? The reason why this can occur is because lobster shells are composed of three primary colours - yellow, red and blue - mixed together to form the red-green normal lobster colour. The lobsters displayed simply experience a deficiency of a certain pigment in their shell... similar to albinism.


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