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Jewfish Fillets In Lemon Coconut Sauce


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Jewfish Fillets in Lemon Coconut Sauce

Chef: Lyn Battle

This is a delicious way to enjoy any white fish fillets, especially Jewfish, which are being caught now at Sweers Island.

Degree of difficulty: Low

You need:

750g Jewfish (or other white fish) fillets

40g butter

3 Tblsp lemon juice

grated rind of 1 lemon

¼ tsp nutmeg

2 Tblsp creamed coconut


Wash and skin the fish fillets. Melt the butter in a frypan and add the lemon rind, juice and nutmeg.

Add the fish and simmer gently, covered, til the fish is nearly cooked.

Then add the creamed coconut and stir until the mixture is slightly thickened. Serve the fish on a plate with the sauce drizzled over the top.

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