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Dan A

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I had someone give me an old Shimano Calais and rod they didnt want anymore the other week and got out today for a practice casting session, When trying to casr I was getting a lot of bird nests and trying to tune the breaks helped a little, but I found I was not able to cast things such as SX40s..maybe to light? as the heavier lures seemed easier.

Are baitcasters made more for heavier weights such as lipless crank baits and spinner baits?

Also, does anyone have any tips or know of any good articles on using a baitcaster.


Dan :biggrin2:

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put a lure that you want on the line (heavyish ones are better to start with) then turn the centrifugal braking system knob until your lure takes line and hits the ground but does not overrun and create a birds nest.

now try casting (you wont be able to get a heap of distance yet but you will shortly) and practise using your thumb to stop the spool. Once you can do a full cast without getting a birdsnest loosen the centrifugal braking system knob so the line will come off more easy, you will eventually be able to cast a good distance without getting a birdsnest and also cast lighter weights.

just make sure you don't wind it all the way so it falls off into the water :thumbdown: and change it slightly every time you change lure weights.

just remember use your thumb

i hope this has helped you

good luck,


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Mate a SX40 on baitcast is pretty ambitious for a starter.start with heavier stuff and Fletchers advice is pretty good.


Probably the most important thing to remember

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You need to practice, the calais is a great reel!

The casting weights system is quite simple but backlash is hard to control with that system.

you can actually get a magnetic cast system to replace the orignial weights system from japan.

my friend has upgraded his calais to this magnetic system and it casts beautifully now. much less backlashes with the new system.

cheers mate,


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But to answer your question DanA - yes, baitcasters are suited to heavier lures.

That's why you almost never see people flicking soft platics using a baitcaster - they just can't cast the small, lighter jigheads.

Great reel for bigger lures though - heaps more accurate than a threadline.

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Guest IFishSick.

All I can say is practice makes perfect. I just practiced in the park out the back with squidgies until I could fling the lure as hard and as far as I could without getting in a tangle. But I did end up losing about 20m of line from the birdsnests to begin with though.

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Hi Dan A,

Baitcasters are not only suited to heavier lures (than a threadline), but heavier line as well.

Try spooling with heavier line, and make sure the spool bearings are well oiled.

If you can't cast the lures you want to with that set-up, then perhaps you're using the wrong tool for the job.

And a threadline is the better option.



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I got the same reel on a g loomis rod loaded with 30kilo 30lb braid - as others have said combo not suited to light lures/plastics - i got mine to chase kingies & dolphin fish - maybe thats what you should target with the setup

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