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Which Boat Will Handle What I Need?


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hey guys, i'm thinking of buying my first boat, i want to take it from small rivers holding bass to out to choppy waters for kingies and sambo's etc, is there such boat that will handle everything or do we need 2 boats?

i was just wondering what were u opinions on centre and side console boats such as Stacer Sunfisher 455 as that's in my price range.

am i right is saying bigger boats can handle shallow waters or small rivers better?

will the example above handle little rivers such as lane cove freshwater section and how far will this boat take me? i assume not beyond the heads?

thanks for the advice guys

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depending on how far offshore you want to head, the Stacer Sunfisher 455 will be good aslong as the sea's arn't rough (if you are looking at haeding offshore alot then i would suggest a bigger boat), for the bass and bream , whack a electric motor on the front and you'll have one awsome boat, one other thing i dont think power boats are allowed in the freshwater side of Lane Cove

we have an old Haines Hunter V16R that handels offshore well and if we get an electric bow mount put on it would also be perfect for the stuff you are looking at fishing, just my suggestions

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To be frank i think it would be difficult to find a boat that would do bassin and offshore work WELL. But i supose the size you are looking at would be a reasonable compromise.

A deepish v hull 4.55 wont have problems going out the heads in reasonable weather and for this purpose a centre console would balance better. But you probably wont be comfortable going a long way out (for my money the FAD would be the absolute furthest i would go in very good weather).

A 4.5 will be ok in larger rivers but if a deeper boat may blow around a bit and not be the easiest to manouvre. You may also find it hard to launch in some areas.

If it were me get the 4.55 in centre console (or better still something a little bigger...) for open water work and get an old 10ft punt with an electric on it for the bassing (it wouldnt cost much and could easily go on the roof racks).

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well i think you first need to decide if you want a fiberglass boat or a tiny. ive found that for choppy water the fiberglass is best as it is less bouncey and much more stable but it is a little heavy, the tinies are great for shallow water as you dont have to be to worried if you hit a sub merged rock while drifting or at the boat ramp as they are pretty strong.

Then you need to think about your budget. i have found myself that its a good idea not to spend all of your budget on the boat as you need to think of after purchase expenses like motor servicing and any eletrical work as well as life jackets.ect

you should be able to get a nice 1st boat for around the $3k to $6k mark

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